Making Snowman Baby Booties Crochet Pattern

Hello amigurumi lovers and beautiful visitors, I wanted to share the free amigurumi patterns for you here. In my article I will share 1 pattern and how to make it for you. At the end of my article, I will share amigurumi patterns that can generate ideas for you.

1 Kartopu Baby Natural White (K010) color rope
A small amount of green, red, black, tile woolen yarn
3.5 mm skewer
4 small black beads
Wool needle
Note: The numbers I have provided are for babies aged 12-18 months.

The number of loops for 0-6 months: 40 (16-8-16); The number of loops for 6-12 months: 50 (20-10-20)

What I give in parentheses are the numbers of the front and sides.

We start with white color rope.

1) Let’s make 60 loops in the bottle and knit a harosha knit until there are 9 rows of harosha.

2) Let’s knit the first 24 loops in the 10th tooth harrosha, cut the 25th and 26th loops to the left, knit 8 loops straight, cut the continuing two loops to the right and go back. There will be 24 loops on the left needle, we keep them waiting.

3) Let’s knit 10 loops backwards, let’s cut the starting loop of 10 loops with the loops waiting on the right needle on the front side, leaning to the left, knit 8 loops straight, cut the two remaining loops to the right and go back.

As you can see, we always make the cuts from the front side, we do not cut in reverse. We continue the cutting process in this way until 16 loops are left on the right and left needles.

4) After the last cut, we also knit the loops on the left skewer and complete our turn.

5) There are a total of 42 loops on the needle. We knit from the reverse side of the knitting and come to the front.

6) We knit 1 reverse and 1 flat rubber knit for 6 rows for the crochet to wrap the ankle.

7) Then we knit 8 rows of purl from the front and plain knitting from the back.

We go on a black rope.

8) We knit 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knitting along 2 rows.

We go on the green color rope.

9) In the same way, we knit 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knitting along 2 rows.

In this way, we knit black-green rubber for a total of 12 rows, changing one color in 2 rows.

10) In the 13th row, we finish by cutting all the loops.

We work with the other one in the same way.

Scarf (2 pieces)
We start with the red color rope.

1) Bottle we knit 70 loops. We knit 1 crochet knit.

2) We knit 13 loops in the 2nd tooth harrosha, cut the 14th and 15th loop, make 1 dola, continue to knit the remaining loops in the harrosha.

3) In the 3rd tooth harrosha, we cut all the loops and finish them.

We grab one end of the weft we have finished and pass it through the hole we created.

We start with the brick color or orange color rope.

1) Bottle we knit 6 loops. The first message is that we knit all the loops in a harrosha.

2) In the next rows, we cut 1 loop at the beginning of the rows from both right and left, repeating the same process until the loops are finished.

All parts are finished. Before sewing the bootie, we put black thread on the needle and do the sewing. Then we sew eyes with black beads. We combine the triangular tile color pieces we have made, stitch them together and form the nose. We sew the nose between the eyes.

We complete the side and bottom seams of the pawl. We put on the last scarf. We fasten the scarf on the wrist with a few stitches. We twist the black-green rubber on the wrist and create the male part.

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All Finished.