Keychain Pencil Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello amigurumi lovers and beautiful visitors, I wanted to share the free amigurumi patterns for you here. In my article I will share 1 pattern and how to make it for you. At the end of my article, I will share amigurumi patterns that can generate ideas for you.

You will need:

  • Worsted yarn in the following colors:
    • Pink
    • Gray
    • yellow
    • Dairy
    • Black
  • Crochet hook 3.75 mm
  • 2 plastic screw-on eyes 6 mm each
  • Polyfill or any other filler
  • Big eye needle


  • sc – single crochet
  • vp – air loop
  • increase – in one loop of the previous row we knit 2 single crochet
  • decrease – we knit 2 loops of the previous row with one single crochet


Start knitting a toy with an amigurumi ring. You can also start knitting in another way: dial 2 ch and knit 6sc in the second loop from the hook. Finish the row with a connecting post. This completes row 1. LilySugar’nCream’s 100% cotton yarn was used for this keychain.

Experiment with a pencil!
You can make the pencil longer by increasing the number of rows of yellow. Do not finish knitting on the 15th row, continue knitting further until the length of the pencil is optimal for you.
You can make a funny face on your amigurumi pencil (using embroidery thread and/or wool) or attach the eyes horizontally rather than vertically.
Want a more original pencil? You can use multi-colored yarn and make a pencil in the colors of the rainbow.

Pattern for knitting a pencil:
Pink yarn,
1 row: 6 sc in the amigurumi ring
2 row: (increase) × 6 times (12)
3 row: (increase, 1 sc) × 6 times (18)
4 row: (increase, 2 sbn) × 6 times (24)
5 row: behind the back wall of the loop sbn in a circle (24)
6 row: sbn in a circle (24)

Gray yarn,
7 row: behind the front wall of the loop sc in a circle (24)
8 row: behind the back wall of the loop sc in a circle (24)

Yellow yarn,
9 row: behind the back wall of the loop sbn in a circle (24)
10-15 rows: sbn in a circle (24)
Attach eyes between 13 and 14 rows at a width of about 4 sbn.
Using pink yarn, embroider a blush under the eyes.

Milk yarn,
16th row: sbn in a circle (24)
17th row: (decrease, 2 sbn) × 6 times (18)
18th row: (decrease, sbn) × 6 times (12)
Fill with filler.

Black yarn,
19 row: sc in a circle (12)
20 row: (decrease) × 6 times (6)
Fasten the thread and leave a small tail. Hide the tail by laying it inside the product.

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All Finished.