Hello amigurumi lovers and beautiful visitors, I wanted to share the free amigurumi patterns for you here. In my article I will share 1 pattern and how to make it for you. At the end of my article, I will share amigurumi patterns that can generate ideas for you.

Popcorn BABY

White rope: Nako diamond
Colored yarns: Alize cotton gold and Snowball natural (coton)


mr: magic ring
sc: single crochet
inc: increase
dec: decrease
*: repeat
p: popcorn
flo: sink into the front loop ..


With white rope

1) Magic ring into 6sc

2) 6inc (12)

3) (1sc, 1inc) * 6 (18)

4) (2sc, 1inc) * 6 (24)

5) (3sc, 1inc) * 6 (30)

6) (4sc, 1inc) * 6 (36)

7) (5sc, 1inc) * 6 (42)

8) (6sc, 1inc) * 6 (48)

9) (7sc, 1inc) * 6 (54)

10-18) (54)

19) 13sc, (1sc, 1inc) * 5, 7sc (1sc1inc) * 5, 14sc (64) (increasing 5 stitches on the cheeks)

20-24) (64sc)

25) 13sc, (1sc, 1dec) * 5, 7sc (1sc, 1dec) * 5, 14sc (54)

26) (7sc, 1dec) * 6 (48)

27) (6sc, 1dec) * 6 (42)

28) (5sc, 1dec) * 6 (36)

29) (4sc, 1dec) * 6 (30)

30) (3sc, 1dec) * 6 (24) over.

(Wear eyes with 8 stitches in 17th and 18th places)
Sew the hair on the head as much as it looks outside the hat, we make two braids and sew them on the head.


1) Magic ring 10sc, combining.

2) 5popcorn 5sc (5popcorn)

3) 1 chain are pulling 20sc

4) 10popcorn 10sc (10p)

5) 1 chain pulling 30sc

6) 15popcorn 15x (15p)

7) 1 chain pulling 40sc

8) 20popcorn 20sc (20p)

9) 1 chain pulling 50sc

10) 25 popcorn 20sc (25)

11-14) without increasing (making sc between them) (25popcorn)

15-16) 50sc (we finish two rows of sc and sew on the head)


With colored rope;

1) pulling 12 chains to the second loop;
1inc, 9sc, 1inc, 9sc (22sc) (attach the stitch holder to the last loop)

2)(1inc)2 , 9sc, (1inc)2, 9sc (26)

3)(1sc,1inc)2, 9sc, (1sc,1inc)2, 9sc (30)

4)(2sc, 1inc)2, 9sc, (2sc,1inc)2, 9sc (34)

5) We make sl-stitch in 1 order (slip-stitch)

6) we make this sequence blo (34sc)

7-8) (34sc)

9) 13sc, (1sc, 1dec)2, 1sc,2dec, (1sc,1dec)2, 4sc (28sc)

10) 13sc, 6dec, 3sc (22sc)

11) 12sc, 4dec, 2sc (18sc)

12) 11sc, 3dec, 1sc (15sc)

13-14-15-16) (15sc)

17) 5sc, we go back with 1 chain and weave sl-st (slip-stitch) (15)

18) weave in flo (15) shoes are over.

We add a shoe with a white rope to the leg, making it blo (15sc)
Weave a leg with 40 rows of white filling beads fiber on one hand (15sc)

After knitting the other leg, we pull out 3 chains and put them together. We also include three chains (36sc) without increasing or decreasing, after knitting 24 rows of trunk, weave up to 20 sc (1sc, 1dec) (20sc) (You can twist the white electric cable between the neck and the head, wrap the rope and put the head in order to prevent the head from falling)
We knit 4 rows of neck and sew it to the head .


1) Magic ring into 5sc

2) Always double (10sc)

3-28) We make 10sc and sew on the body.

1) We are pulling 40 chains

2-3) We make 38 double crochets

4) We pull two chains and 5 double crochets, 8 chains and we sink into 9th slot and weave 12 double crochets, we pull 8 chains again and we sink into 9th slot and weave 5 double crochets.

5) We make a double crochet on every loop including the chains.

6) Except for the arm under the other stitches 1 pair, 1 single crochet double crochet weave as 12 rows (according to your baby’s size) increase and continue without decreasing.
When it comes to the skirt, we turn it over and weave 3 rows of popcorn

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