Hello amigurumi lovers and beautiful visitors, I wanted to share the free amigurumi patterns for you here. In my article I will share 1 pattern and how to make it for you. At the end of my article, I will share amigurumi patterns that can generate ideas for you.


Rnd 1) Magic ring into 6sc
Rnd 2) (6 inc) (12sc)
Rnd 3) (1sc 1 inc) * 6 (18sc)
Rnd 4) (2sc 1 inc) * 6 (24sc)
Rnd 5) (3sc1 inc) * 6 (30sc)
Rnd 6) (4sc 1 inc) * 6 (36sc)
Rnd 7) (5sc 1 inc) * 6 (42sc)
Rnd 8) (6sc 1 inc) * 6 (48sc)
Rnd 9) (7sc 1 inc) * 6 (54sc)
Rnd 10) (8sc 1 inc) * 6 (60sc)
Rnd 11) (9sc 1 inc) * 6 (66sc)
Rnd 12-19) (66sc) (8row)
Rnd 20) 21sc (sc, inc) * Repeat 5 times 4sc (sc, inc) * Repeat 5 times 21sc (total 76sc) (there will be sidewall sections)
Rnd 21-24) (76sc) 4 row.
Rnd 25) 21sc (sc, dec) * Repeat 5 times 4sc (sc, dec) * Repeat 5 times 21sc (total 66sc)
Rnd 26) (9sc 1dec)*6 (60sc) 
Rnd 27) (8sc 1dec)*6 (54sc)
Rnd 28) (7sc 1dec)*6 (48sc) 
Rnd 29) (6sc 1dec)*6 (42sc)
Rnd 30) (5sc1dec)*6 (36sc) 
Rnd 31) (4sc 1dec)*6 (30sc)
Rnd 32) (3sc 1dec)*6 (24sc)

Leave long thread to sew.
NOTE: Eyes are between 17-18 rows
10x is installed. Do not forget to average the cheek sections when wearing the eyes;)

(Continue on the second leg without breaking the rope)
Rnd 18) We pull 5 chains and combine the other leg with si st (loop shift).
1 chain of 20 sc 1inc 5sc 20sc 1inc (total 54sc)

Rnd 19)5sc, 11sc, 1inc, 27sc, 1inc, 9sc (56sc)
Rnd 20-24) (56sc)
Rnd 25)15sc, 1dec 2sc 1dec, 22sc, 1dec 2sc 1dec, 7sc (52sc)
Rnd 26-27) (52sc)
Rnd 28)14sc, 1dec 1sc 1dec, 20sc, 1dec, 2sc 1dec, 6sc (48sc)
Rnd 29-30) (48sc)
Rnd 31)13sc, 1dec 2sc 1dec, 18sc, 1dec 2sc 1dec 5sc (44sc)
Rnd 32) (44sc)
Rnd 33)12sc, 1dec 2sc 1dec, 16sc, 1dec 2sc 1dec, 4sc (40sc)
Rnd 34) (40sc)
Rnd 35)11sc, 1dec 2sc 1dec, 14sc, 1dec 2sc 1dec, 3sc (36sc)
Rnd 36) (36sc)
Rnd 37)10sc, 1dec 2sc 1dec, 12sc, 1dec 2sc 1dec, 2sc (32sc)
Rnd 38) (32sc)
Rnd 39)9sc, 1dec 2sc 1dec, 10sc, 1dec 2sc 1dec, 1sc (28sc)
Rnd 40) (28sc)
Rnd 41)8sc, 1dec 2sc 1dec, 8sc, 1dec 2sc 1dec (24sc)
Rnd 42) 6sc, (now we continue combining with his arm) 6sc, 6sc (with the other arm) 6sc
Rnd 43-44) (24sc) is over.


Rnd 1) Magic ring into 6 sc
Rnd 2)6inc (12sc)
Rnd 3)1sc 1inc (18sc)
Rnd 4-6) (18si)
Rnd 7) 5sc 1dec, 11sc (17sc)
Rnd 8)5sc 1dec, 10sc (16sc)
Rnd 9)5sc 1dec, 9sc (15sc)
Rnd 10)5sc 1dec, 8sc (14sc)
Rnd 11)5sc 1dec, 7sc (13sc)
Rnd 12)5sc 1dec, 6sc (12sc)

(White color)
Rnd 13) (12sc)
Rnd 14) (12sc)
(we’ll do this later.)
Rnd 15-22) (12sc) (continue with the color of the dress)
Rnd 23) We fold the arm in half and cut the rope.


Rnd 1) Magic ring into 6sc

Rnd 2) 6inc (12sc)

Rnd 3) (3sc 1inc) * 3 (15sc)

Rnd 4-6) (15sc)

Rnd 7) 5sc 1inc 9sc (16sc)

Rnd 8) (16sc)

Rnd 9) 6sc 1inc 9sc (17sc)

Rnd 10) (17sc)

Rnd 11) 7sc 1inc 9sc (18sc)

Rnd 12) (18sc)

Rnd 13) 8sc 1inc 9sc (19sc)

Rnd 14) (19sc)

Rnd 15) 9sc 1inc 9sc (20sc)

Rnd 16) (20sc)

Rnd 17) 10sc 1inc 9sc (21sc)

The 1st leg is broken.

Rnd 1) Magic ring into 6 sc
Rnd 2) 6inc (12 sc)
Rnd 3) 1sc 1inc (18 sc) finish.
The middle part of the pacifier
Rnd 1) Magic ring into 6 sc
Rnd 2) 6inc (12)
Pacifier holder
17 chain pulls on the top of the single railing is made to the other side


We have 160 chain pullers and 28 handles

(used to connect the remaining chain)

2.2 We are chained to an upper row.

We make two stitching stitches in the same stitch 2 double handles without pulling two double-rail brackets into the loop. We’ve got 9 chains.

3.1 We are chained to an upper row.

We make 6 double handles in the space consisting of two chains.

We’re making the gap right next door. Repeat the same operation until the end of the sequence. When you’re done, break the rope and pull 30 chains to the other end.


We pull 7 chains and freeze.

We’re pulling 1 chain and we’re doing 6sc from the 2nd chain. When we finish, we combine the two ends and the rubber part of our bead is formed.

We’re pulling a chain up to 50sc and we’re combining sl-st (with loop shift).

(If you want a color change, you can use a different color as a crossover if you want a single color).

2nd place, 6sc, inc.

3-8) Continue without increasing

9) We reduce the 6sc from the order. We’re knitting flat without a 1 inc inc.

Let’s continue this way until 6sc remains.

We’ve come to the top 6 by increasing the 12 (sc, dec) Let’s go. (1sc, 1inc) = 18sc. (2sc 1inc) = 24sc (3sc 1inc) = 30sc. (3sc 1dec) = 24sc (2sc 1dec) = 18sc (1sc 1dec) = 6sc

always pick up


Here we will do the example of pirdcik used in lambs.

We’re making 10sc into the magic ring, we get 5 patters,

We’re going to do a 10-ping,

2 row more inc, dec making 10 pıtırcık and sewing to the feet,

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