Amigurumi Doll Crochet Pattern

Hello amigurumi lovers and beautiful visitors, I wanted to share the free amigurumi patterns for you here. In my article I will share 1 pattern and how to make it for you. At the end of my article, I will share amigurumi patterns that can generate ideas for you.


tan rope
2 colors of rope for the dress (light pink, dark pink etc)
6 mm safe eye
fine lace for skirt
2.00 mm crochet hook
sewing needle
small button
Amigurumi doll preparation


1st 6sc with Mr
2.6inc = 12sc
3.1sc 1inc (6times) = 18sc
4.2sc 1inc (6times) = 24sc
5.3sc 1inc (6 times) = 30sc
6.4sc 1inc (6 times) = 36sc
7.5sc 1inc (6 times) = 42sc
8. 6sc 1inc (6 times) = 48sc
9th – 15th decra = 48sc
16.6sc 1dec (6 times) = 42sc
17. 42sc
18 = 5sc 1dec (6 times) = 36
19.4sc 1dec (6 times) = 30sc
20.3sc 1dec (6 times) = 24sc
21. 2sc 1dec (6 times) = 18sc
22.1sc 1dec (6 times) = 12sc
23.6dec = 6sc finish and close.
Note: The eyes will be placed 9 sc between the 12th and 13th rows.
Let’s do eye and mouth embroidery, hair transplantation at the desired length.


1. 7sc with Mr
2-5. from 7 sc
6.2sc 1dec, 1sc 1dec = 5sc
7 -8. = 5sc
9.2sc 1inc, 2sc = 6sc
10-11 6sc
After this row, each row end will end with a loop shift.
12- 13 5sc 1cc = 6sc
We move on to the dress color. (Two rows of dark, two rows of light color will be made until this row finish)
14th to 25th row 6sc


1. 7sc with mr
2. -35 between rows 7sc
36.1inc 6sc = 8sc
37.-38. 8sc
39.1inc 7sc = 9sc
40.-41. 9sc
We knit two pieces and continue the second leg without cutting the rope.
42.Let’s join it by pulling 3 ch, 9sc from 1st leg, 3sc on top of chain, 9sc from 2nd leg, 3sc on top of chain = 24 sc
We continue from the trunk.


1.5sc 1inc (6 times) = 28sc
3.5sc 1inc, 13sc 1inc = 30sc
4th – 6th 30sc
After this row, each row end will end with loop shift.
7.-8. = 30
We move on to the dress color. (Two rows of dark, two rows of light color will be made until this row finish)
9.30 sc with BLO
10.6sc 1a, 13sc 1dec, 6sc = 28sc
11. -20. 28sc
We begin to join the arms.
21.from size 7sc, with arm 2sc, size 12sc with arm, 2sc with arm, 4sc
22. 7sc size, 4sc arm, 12sc size, 4sc arm, 5sc size = 32sc
24.4sc 1dec, (5sc1dec, 3 times) 5sc = 28sc
25.2sc, (1dec 2sc, 4 times), 4sc = 24sc
26.2sc 1dec (6 times), = 18sc
27.1sc, 8dec, 1sc = 10sc
28. 10sc
we go to skin color.
29. With BLO, 1dec, 1sc, 2dec, 1sc, 1dec = 6sc
30.-31. Let’s finish the long rope to sew 6sc
Let’s sew by adjusting the head we planted hair.

Skirt Construction

Let’s attach the dark colored rope where we made blo in the waist.
1. Let’s make dc to each loop.
2.60 handrails
3.9 odd 1 dc (6 times) = 66
4. – 6. 60
7.10 odd, 1 dc (6 times) = 72
8.-9. 72
10.11 odd, 1 dc (6 times) = 78
Let’s finish and cut the rope
1st 4th ch, 2sc1inc from 2nd, (2 times) = 8sc
2.1inc, 1sc, 2inc, 3sc, 1inc = 12sc
4. 3SC, 3dec, 3SC = 9SC
5.2SC 1 ch, let’s go back and skip 1 loop, 3sc, 1 ch go back and 1 sc, 2sc,
We do 15sc by going all around. Let’s combine across the 6 ch shoes.

Hair Band

We make 56 sc by pulling 57 ch. By pulling 6 chains (this will be the buttonhole) we turn and finish 56sc. Let’s sew the button on the opposite side of the buttonhole and attach it to the hair.
Let’s make 3 rows of hdc with 10 chains and tie the middle with a rope and sew it to the hair band.

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All Finished.